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ImpactEDU 18 Tuesday Keynote: Jimmy Casas- Live Your Excellence Starting Today!

Jimmy Casas was the Tuesday Keynote at the 2019 Impact EDU conference. Casas was a principal in Iowa as well as Milwaukee. For the last three years he has been a consultant. Casas started by thanking educators. We cannot keep working as hard as we are without expecting our health or our relationships to suffer. We use all of our patience at work and then go home and we can't do that for our families.  Living our excellence in every aspect of our lives is his message. Beginning with Mindsets. 16 years ago, Casas realized he needed to shift. Every time you bring a group of people together is an opportunity to build a community.  Think back to August, and all the excitement. Are we still bringing that same level of excitement when we enter the building in September? What if we did reach out to others and let them know how much we appreciate them? A person who feels valued and appreciated will always do more than what is expected. When you forget your why, you forget yo

Impact EDU 2019: Angela Maiers-How Big is Your Brave

Angela  Maiers  was the keynote speaker on Monday at the ImpactEDU  2019 Conference. Technology doesn't change lives, people do. Her mantra is "You Matter!" Today's to- do list is overwhelming! Instead we need a "To-Be" List! Who do you want to be? Thinking about the future and seeing yourself in the future  is a 21st century skill. Our reality is that the world contains  VUCA- Volitility , Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity  This is what our world is like now... The world of the past favored the bold, now we need to bring our courage into practice. In the e nd, we need ot be "braver!" Brave is... Ask students to bring images to show what that means... She asked us to think about what brave was... (I said, "Stepping out of your comfort zone.) Seth Godin- "There is nothing comfortable about courage. Our need to feel ready and in control actually  prevents us from being able to fully participate in life