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Unleashing Student Passion for Learning...

Last spring, our district developed our 2015 Technology Plan . Using our district mission statement as a foundation, we identified 4 goals in the plan: Unleash student's passion to be lifelong learners Empower and enhance excellent teaching Engage families in a partnership for education Demonstrate excellence in service, operation, and productivity On Monday, we will have our yearly district kick-off event, and the tech plan will be one of the key components. I will have a small roll in the morning session, sharing an "Aha!" moment from my experience as an educator.  We will also showcase members of our Edina Teaching and Technology Cohort , a group of 25 educators who spent the last year in a job embedded, professional development experience where they earned a Teaching and Technology Certificate from Hamline University . Cohort members will conduct poster sessions , showcasing how they transformed their instruction this past year. I'm proud to have had th

ISTE 2011: Chris Lehmann's Closing Keynote

 I had to leave the ISTE conference early due to transportation issues, so I finally got a chance to hear this amazing talk, from Chris Lehmann, principal of the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia today. I've had the pleasure of knowing Chris for the last 3 years, and I consider him one of my heros! Many of the ideas Chris brings out in this talk are the reasons I am a teacher, and why I have been passionately involved in educational technology for the last 23 years. Someone else commented that all you need to know about the talk, and Chris's philosophy can be summed up in the first 7 minutes of the'll see why!! So what do you think? Are these ideas worth spreading? How do we make that happen?