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Edina Teaching & Technology Cohort Reflections 2014

Thirty teachers from Edina just finished a Teaching and Technology Cohort through Hamline University. The Teaching and Technology cohort focused on improving their leadership and technology skills through four blended courses. The focus of the classes was to enhance practice of integrating technology into Edina’s curriculum as well as build leadership skills in teachers in the field of technology and learning. The cohort gave participants the opportunity to collaborate with Edina colleagues from different grade levels and buildings. The cohort was taught in a blended format where the cohort met face to face once a month and then completed the rest of the work online. Here are a few of their final reflections about the cohort Angela's Reflection Brit's Reflection Debi's Thinglink Reflection from Eric I came into the year and the cohort as a user of technology, but a hesitant one at that.  My ah-ha moment came when I realized that using technology is about