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2008 Edublogs Nominee

My nominee for the 2008 Edublog Awards for Best Resource Sharing Blog goes to Jackie Roehl's Edina National Urban Alliance Program Blog . For those unfamiliar with the National Urban Alliance (NUA), they are an organization whose mission is: to substantiate in the public schools of urban America an irrefutable belief in the capacity of all children to reach the highest levels of learning & thinking demanded by our ever-changing global community. Through the use of Thinking Maps , teachers and students use specific strategies to give meaning to their learning. Developed by David Hyerle , Thinking Maps identify the 8 ways to visually represent information. Jackie has done an exceptional job on her blog offering resources and insights into incorporating NUA strategies into curriculum from a variety of disciplines. She is very deserving of this award!

Dr. Burke visit to Mill Creek Middle School: Kent, WA

1-to-1 LAPTOP INITIATIVE Mill Creek Middle School Kent, WA On-site visit by Dr. Michael Burke District Demographics 770 students from poor and lower middles class, 65% on free and reduced lunch Classrooms all have: Smartboard LCD projectors Color & B/W printers. Document camera Each room has a wireless hub. All students have e-mail. District has 26,000 students 2,200 staff 4 high schools 6 middle schools Most classes only had 20 students Hardware/Software: CISCO switches and wireless equipment and hubs HP low end laptops Purchased computers Use Moodle for MLS Bought extended battery (6 hrs.) Private fiber between schools For more information: Teacher Interviews 8th grade science teacher Easier to differentiate Student in her class have had 1 year experience, no problem using them as tool She can do more with laptops as tool, more access to resources. Students were using spreadsheet for lesson. She received training and laptop 3 months