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Testing Out Google Draw

I created this document today using Google Draw. One of things I really like about it is that I can embed links in both the text and the graphics. For example, if you're not sure how create a Youtube channel in Edina Apps, click on the text below the YouTube graphic, and it will take you to a page we created to help with that. I hope that as Docs continue to improve and increase in sophistication that more robust features will be included. I think for students, Draw is at a point where it could be an effective way to communicate ideas graphically.  After embedding the graphic on the blog here, I see that the interactivity isn't there. Not sure if that has to do with re-sizing to fit the page width or not. I'll need to do some additional investigating.

A Letter From A "21st Century, BYOD Student"

Recently, one of my colleagues forwarded an e-mail that his daughter wrote to her teachers at the start of the school year. She is a 9th grader, who has participated in our "Go Wireless" Bring Your Own Device Initiative the last two years.  Dear Teachers , My name is Cristiana H, and I'll be in your class this coming year. As a certified bring your own device student, I'm interested in ways to further digitize my learning environment. Currently I use my iPad as a note taking and organizational tool (Notability), as an E agenda and calendar (myHomework), and as an internet research tool. I also use it as a collaborative communication device in between teacher and student and student and student (Email). I'm hoping with your support to continue this practice, and further realize the potential of E learning. I'd be interested in exploring ways to turn in paperless assignments, presentations, and assessments. I'm confident, with your assistances, that I&