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BreakoutEDU at the MN #gafesummit

How do we bring more fun and learning to the classroom? A kit that would fit into a toolbox to transform any room into a game to teach concepts. Themed for whatever is trying to be accomplished Open or close units, Currently looking at designing a collection of games from the box. You can buy from BreakoutEDU, or create your own. He wanted to see what it was like to set up and play in a space he hadn't been in yet. Rules: Don't destroy the room! Defined space that may contain objects Move around the room, solve the puzzle, win the game. He showed us how to reset the lock and then sent us back to our seats. There were HINT cards that could be accessed. Probably best played by 6-10 people. What does that mean for a classroom of 30? This game has been played 4 times previously. "Dr. Johnson" is the name of the game. He's a bad guy trying to take over the world. There is an airbourne virus that would turn everyone into Zombies. If we move the

Minnesota #GAFESummit Keynote: James Sanders- A Resume of Failure

James Sanders ,  Director of Innovation for EdTechTeam and co-founder of Future Ready Schools , was the keynote speaker at the 3rd Minnesota Google Summit . He discussed the ways that he has failed in his life, iterated, and moved forward, learning and growing. There were 3 main themes: Take resks Reimagine Put Yourself Out There The first story of failure has to do with a "little green pill." To prepare for a long flight, he took a sleeping pill, and overslept because of it. In high school, he learned that just because something was a certain way, didn't make it right. He often shared too much of his opinions, and ended up spending a lot of time in the principals office... Most of what he learned was "non-academic." A lack of adherence... Tried becoming a professional golfer...failed. Went to work in the mill in his home town for 3 summers. Learned how to drive a fork lift and bobcat, but not very good at physical labor...3 trips to the E