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Giving Students Voice and Choice through Podcasting

This February, I shared with staff the value of giving students pathways in how they demonstrate learning by creating podcasts. I was inspired by an ISTE presentation by Rabbi Michael Cohen and Jeff Bradbury  last summer, and a presentation that Glen Irvin Flores gave in November.  A few staff were interested and so I put together this presentation for students. I shared how I still remember my 6th grade project where I recorded myself as a 12 year old in Moscow, and my dad interviewed me to demonstrate what life was like in the Soviet Union. (Yes, I'm that old! The collar above gives it away! In addition, I cannot remember any of the multiple choice tests I took to demonstrate learning...)  I also shared with students that NPR was sponsoring a Student Podcast Challenge , inviting students to ask their teachers to submit their audio file that spoke to one of the following prompts: Tell us a story about your school or community: about something that happened the

My Thoughts on Digital Learning Day 2019

So yesterday was Digital Learning Day. In the past, I have shared how we have celebrated it in Edina  (Of course most of the post was aggregated from a tool that no longer exists....sigh!) Well, yesterday, I saw this tweet from Schoology and so I thought I'd share my thoughts... 💻 Happy #DLDay 2019! 💻 In honor of this special day, we’re having a contest! Here’s how it works: 1️⃣ Reply to this tweet answering the question “What does digital learning mean to you?” 2️⃣ Use the hashtag #DLDay 3️⃣ Best answers win an exclusive prize! — Schoology (@Schoology) February 28, 2019 Here goes...