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TIES 2016 Keynote: Carl Hooker- Mobile Learning Mindset

Carl Hooker, Digital specialist in Eames, Texas was the day 2 keynote. Carl started as a 1st grade teacher in 2001. Those students are now seniors in college, and WERE 21st Century learners. 1890's view of education in 2000 How much has changed in the last 15 years, and what will education look like, 15 years from now? He shared the image on the right, a view of education in 2000, from the 1890's.  Looking at technology in 2001, and how it has changed since then.  The iPhone, came out in 2007, and look at how far we've come... When we change the way we communicate, we change society. -Clay Shirky Hooker noted, I don't think this was what Shirky meant! Hooker noted that students today think that they are good at multitasking... While communication has evolved, instruction on new modes of communication like texting, posting, tweeting, commenting, livestreaming, snapchatting, etc. has not kept up! Mobile Learning Quadrants: via @eaparki

TIES 16 Keynote-Dean Shareski: Whatever Happened to Joy? And How Do We Get It Back?

Way back in November 2007, I joined Twitter. Finally, in the spring of 2008, I realized I needed to follow people. One of the first people I followed, was an educator from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Dean Shareski. Today, I had the pleasure of hearing Dean's presentation as a keynote of TIES 2016: Whatever Happened to Joy? And How Do We Get It Back? Joy should be integral to what we do every day! He had 3 moments in his teaching career that made him realize joy was so important... Looking at a photo from his first year, "Why doesn't Christina ever smile?" Did she ever find her joy? It was a moment that mattered most. He was walking through an elementary school, and kids were singing as the teacher played guitar. There is something powerful about community, coming together and doing things collectively. Around 6-7 years ago, and lip dubs first came out. and he saw this one: With regards to this video: Does it address outcomes? Do it and the heck w