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#TIES18 Monday Keynote: Jaime Casap-The Problem Solving Generation

Jaime Casap , Education Evangelist with Google was the Monday Keynote at the 2018 TIES Conference .  Jaime helped launch Google Apps, Chromebooks and helped found the Phoenix Coding Academy. He also teaches Communication to 10th graders.  He authored the book, " On Our Street ," a children's book about poverty. He grew up in Hell's Kitchen in the 70's, so he knows a little about the topic. Education disrupts poverty!  All of the milestones he has achieved were based on Education. He was invited to speak at the White House to help launch Michelle Obama's Reach Higher initiative . What we sometimes forget is that the impact we have on students goes on for generations! Since he went to college, her daughter just assumed that she would go on to college. The life his children have comes from the educators that impacted Jaime. The State of Education Casap doesn't think education is broken, because it worked for everyone in this room. AND it has changed