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Slideoo is a new tool that allows you to create a horizontal slideshow from your Flickr image sets. It is very easy to then imbed it in your blog or wiki, as I have done here. It allows up to 25 images in a set. You can see all of the photos by dragging the scroll bar on the bottom of the set. You may want to try this with field trip photos or pictures of student projects.

Recent Articles

Two articles came across my desk recently that I thought I would share. The first, is an article about student blogging from 21st Century Connections . It speaks to some of the concerns that staff have had about student blogging being too "schoolish" and offers up a way to engage students and allow them to drive the discussion. What I also liked about the article was the concept of not just getting students to write thoughtfully, but also to use blogs to get students to read critically. The second article was an interview Daniel Pink conducted with Thomas Friedman on education in a "flat" world . In the interview they discuss the need for a liberal arts education, and both left and right brained instruction. Will Richardson had an interesting video post on the brain from Jill Bolte Taylor that has some good left and right brain information.