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Further Evidence on the Bennefits of Podcasting Lectures

Earlier this year, I attended a Webinar on using Podcasts to raise student achievement. The presenters, who taught AP Chemistry, demonstrated how they had taken their lectures, and created a podcast of them for students to view as homework, then used classroom time for hands on activities, and what would be called homework in a traditional delivery method. They have found that students actually performed better with this method. On Tuesday at the TIES KIC meeting , Jenn Nelson from Eden Prairie shared how teachers there were using Jing Pro and SMART Notebook to create "how to" podcasts which they then posted on their Moodle sites for students to review. Further, utilizing the capabilities for Jing Pro to save in Mpeg-4 format, they uploaded the podcasts for students to view via iTunes. Students could then watch them on their iPod anytime. Nelson pointed out that in the analysis of student achievement, students who viewed the demonstrations online, performed better on the ass