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EdCampMN 2014 Keynote: Steve Hoffman-The Collaboration Dilemma Notes

Steve Hoffman , was the keynote speaker at EdCampMN 2014 , on " The Collaboration Dilemma: How the Rules are Changing. " Here are my notes. Rather than a keynote, Hoffman described this as a "rigorous conversation!" He started by sharing Dr. Seuss's The Lorax and The Butter Battle, both of which have NO ending!  He noted that Intelligence Squared, is a debate with no real ending... How can Collaboration Happen if: Of the more than 100 people here, only 13 were men. Why is that? Hoffman noted that as of today, 40% of women are heads of household.  Boy's Adrift - notes that young men today are unmotivated and underacheiving. Eid started today. There are no Muslim's here. (Why did Blogger think it was spelled wrong for that matter?) Where are our colleagues of color? Why aren't they here? "Hamline's a white campus!" In some ways, it is arrogant for us to be speculating about this question, when most of us here are white. I'