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Partnership for 21st Century Skills in Minnesota?

I attended a meeting today at Pearson with Mike Booke, a school board member from Marshall, MN and Dan Meyer, CEO of Atomic Learning regarding bringing the Partnership for 21st Century Skills to Minnesota. The focus of the meeting was on: 1)The importance of the 21st Century Skills Initiative 2)What the Framework is 3)Where do we go from here in Minnesota? Dan Meyer from Atomic Learning gave the initial presentation, and then turned it over to Mike Booke. He apparently is a school board member in Marshall who is leading a grass roots effort to make this happen. His superintendent was there as well. Marshall has incorporated the Framework into his district's strategic plan. Meyer spoke about looking at what has worked in other states: 1)Develop stakeholder consensus 2)Embed 21st Century Skills into the standards 3)Embed 21st Century Skills into Professional Development and pre-service learning 4)Embed 21st Century Skills in Assessments Booke said they are taking a 3-Prong app

World Mosaic Created From 1001 Web 2.0 Logos

World Mosaic Created From 1001 Web 2.0 Logos Posted using ShareThis This site is a map made from the logos of over 1,000 Web 2.0 applications! They expand when rolled over and link to the site. Very cool!

Revenge of the Right Brainers: Daniel Pink at the U of M

On Tuesday, June 3, while 30,000+ people were gathered in St. Paul to hear Barack Obama declare victory, there was a slightly smaller gathering in Minneapolis to hear noted author Daniel Pink at the University of Minnesota . I decided to go the old fashioned route, and blog on paper, but the technology failed me! My pen stopped working on the first page! A link to the audio from this talk will be here shortly. At the request of the participants no photography was allowed, so here's my view from the "Bob Uecher seats!" Pink and Darlyne Bailey, Dean of the University of Minnesota College of Education and Human Development , had a lively conversation covering many topics in Pink's three books. The following list (Pink said he likes lists...a lot!) include topics with relevance to K-12 education. On how educators can balance creativity with critical thinking, Pink maintained that the two sides were linked, and that as K-12 educators we needed to teach f

"Go Wireless" Pilot video

I put this video together for the "Go Wireless" Community of Practice pilot next fall. Some of the images I took myself, and many I found on Flickr , using the advanced search for Creative Commons licensed work with Attribute/Share alike licenses . The music came from a band called The Heavens, which I accessed on Jamendo , a music sharing site.