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Thoughts on the Aspen Ideas Festival

One of my wife's favorite newspaper writers/bloggers is Joel Achenbach from the Washington Post . She started following him during her undergrad at American University , and now follows him on "Achenblog" . This week, Joel is in Aspen at "Ideas Camp", The Aspen Ideas Festival . The newspaper sent him to cover the event and listen to "important people" , with "important ideas!" Tuesday, he posted about the camp , and it contained this quote: Last night I heard Craig Barrett, chairman of Intel, warn that the U.S. is in danger of falling behind the rest of the world in science and engineering. He was pretty grim about it -- says short-sighted politicians and teachers unions and so on are resistant to long-term changes in the educational system here. He favors charter schools and vouchers. Best line: A person in the audience asked what kind of technology he'd like to see in classrooms. "The technology I want to see in classrooms? Good t