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2012 Apathy Project Student Presentations

For the last 3 years I've had the pleasure of consulting with South View Middle School Language Arts teacher, Jennifer Buckley on her student Apathy project . This year, her teaching partner Eli Mickelson joined her in collaborating on the project along with Art teacher, John Kraus and Project Lead the Way teacher Jason Carr . Over the next 4 days, students will be sharing their presentations. This morning, I will stream live, so that students that collaborated with elementary classrooms on their project can share their presentations with the classrooms. I'm using Vokle for the first time and the stream will be live here. The students begin by reading stories that have apathy as a theme. Then they gather in groups and look for places they see apathy in the world around them. They gather data, brainstorm solutions, contact stakeholders and leaders and invite them to view their presentation on solutions. Students were given options on the tools that they used . This year stud