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2016 Edina Learning Institute Monday Keynote: Pernille Ripp: The Tenets of Personalized Learning

Pernille Ripp , educator and author of Empowered Schools, Empowered Students , was the opening keynote at the Edina Learning Institute .  She started by inviting the participants to connect with her, as she  If we were in school right now... Don't choose who we sit with Don't have food and/or drink Don't use the tools you might want to She fell in love with the building, staff and school that she works in. Teaching 7th graders has been her greatest challenge, but also most rewarding. Her students are the reason she is here, and why she advocates for changing education. Growing up in Denmark, her first english words were "yes, no, and bathroom!"  "I used to think that when students were disengaged, it was their own fault!" Then someone told her, "You cannot change the students, but you CAN change the way you teach!!" Would you want to be a student in your own classroom? Her daughter on the 5th day of Kindergarte