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South View Digital Use Awareness Pilot

Recently, my department was approached about the possibility of testing out locking pouches to explore l imiting access to cell phones by students during the school day . To be honest, I was skeptical, because I knew that while it is clear, some students (and adults) are addicted to their device, I was concerned that students would not be able to complete certain tasks. (It is hard to take a video or picture for an assignment with a conventional, non-touch Chromebook, for example.) Students come to school today with d evices in their pocket that are more powerful than the computing power that put a person on the moon , and yet teachers sometimes want to ignore that reality. We know that there are many beneficial aspects to mobile tools for learning, AND, we know that for many people, even having the device in one's pocket can be detrimental to attention and impact learning .  A few staff at South View Middle School were interested in the idea of using the locking pouch. Rather tha