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My Notes on the Personalized Learning Summit Day 2 Keynote: Virgil Hammonds

Virgil Hammonds , chief learning officer with Knowledgeworks , was the day 2 keynote at the 2018 Personalized Learning Summit.  Changing the culture of education through personalized competency-based learning. Knowledgeworks has 3 main focusses: Forcasting the future of learning Transforming policy Growing Educator Impact What is your spark?  It is important for you to know yours as well as your colleagues. Hammonds had us do a "Magic Number" sorting activity using the numbers 1-9 and trying to sort them between 2 jars, where no number could be created by adding other numbers in the same jar. We found that given those constraints, it isn't possible. His point is that sometimes we sort our students into jars in much the same way. He shared how there is a movement nationally to get to proficiency based learning.  There is a transformation from school districts to learning communities.  By 2020, over 40% of the US workforce will be independent, sh

My Notes on Personalized Learning Summit Keynote: Ravi Hutheesing

Ravi Hutheesing,  who bills himself as a cultural catalyst and keynote speaker was the keynote at the 2018 Personalized Learning Summit.  Shared the story of his Uber driver, an immigrant from Laos. Cultural competency is one of the most important skills today. He learned more in the 40 minute Uber ride about world history than in any classroom.  Education is no longer about providing knowledge, it's about inspiring students to absorb the lessons of the world! He shared stories of working in Iraq with people who had just escaped ISIS, and a trip to Lebanon, where he visited a city that was in a dangerous area, but then he received texts from his hometown of Charlotesville during the racial protests last year. Core Beliefs: He believes world peace is possible...How: Make it profitable! Cultual Competency is the MOST important skill for the future Education is the means of solving all the world's problems Huthseeing shared that he is a relative of Nehru, Indira