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My Top 10 Take-Aways from the Solution Tree Standards & Assessment Conference

Last week, I attended the Solution Tree Standards & Assessment Conference in Phoenix. As I reflect back on the three days of learning, I decided to put together my top 10 take-aways. Here they are: 10. On Retakes-Do you want to be a school that picks the winners, or one that creates the winners? Tim Brown  In her talk, Cassie Erkins echoed the theme stating:   We have a moral obligation to set students up for success! 9. "Grading is not essential to the instructional process. Teachers can teach and students can learn without grades!" - Thomas Guskey Guskey identified three keys to moving toward standards based assessment: Begin with a clear statement of purpose. Provide accurate and meaningful descriptions of student learning. Use grading and reporting to enhance teaching and learning. Get rid of % grading and you get rid of problem w/ 0's!! 8. Phases of Professional Development from Eric Twadell Twadell, the Superintendent at Adlai Stevenso