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Using Canva for Student Creation

Over the last year, I have seen some posts by Bill Ferriter , on using Canva as a tool for creating nice presentations and posters using Creative Commons Licensed photos from Flickr . The Canva site is free (there is also an iPad app), and is a great way to let students demonstrate what they know in creative ways, one of the goals of Digital Age Learning . By using the Creative Commons licensed photos on Flickr, you are getting pretty high quality, and most are licensed for use with attribution. Of course, if the student can use their own picture, that is the prefered option! Here are a couple I came up with: Recently there has been great turmoil in Yemen, and one of the leadership groups there is called Houthi. Reminded me a bit of Darius Rucker! I created this next one during a meeting, sitting next to Doug Johnson . He had just commented on the importance of Visual Literacy, and how sometimes visuals are created that mean very little. I've tweaked it over the last fe

Lessons on Using Data for Assessment From A Football Game

via NY Post The last couple of days, I've been a little bit down, emotionally. I'm a Packer fan, and an "owner," and I was coming to grips with the fact that the team had thrown away a great chance to advance to the Super Bowl in one of the most epic collapses in NFL history .  As I perused some of the articles written about the game, I was startled to see the statistics from the two quarterbacks in the game, the Packers Aaron Rodgers , and Seattle's Russell Wilson . via ESPN One of the ways that quarterbacks in the NFL are evaluated is by Quarterback Rating. This rating is based on a complicated formula involving Completion Percentage, Yards Per Attempt, Touchdowns and Interceptions. While some believe that the formula is flawed , it has been used for many years to evaluate a quarterback's performance. Based on this generally accepted formula, neither quarterback had a very effective game. In fact, Wilson had a 0 for a rating through most of t

#EPSThink Digital Citizenship Month in Edina

This week is the first full week of " Digital Citizenship Month " in Edina Public Schools, an effort to raise awareness about the importance of being a good citizen online. We recognize that this topic can't just be a "one and done," lesson. Just like we talk about proper behavior in our face-to-face classrooms every day, we also need to talk about proper behavior in the virtual world, every day! To that end, we've put together this Website for staff. Each week, we are covering a different topic: Digital Safety Giving Credit/Taking Credit Information Literacy Digital Footprint At the elementary level, students are utilizing the Digital Passport curriculum from Common Sense Media. At the middle school level, students are working on earning badges by completing activities. Parents had the opportunity to attend a talk on " Digital Consciousness: Public and Permanent " from Richard Guerry, founder of the Institute for Responsible Onlin