Saturday, January 24, 2009

Educon 2.1: Saturday Opening Keynote: Dr. Maria Pitre-Chief Academic Officer, School District of Philadelphia

Huge crowd here at SLA for the opening session. Lots of energy in the room.
Nice to see that Jeff Han, Joel Arquillos and Kendall Crolius stuck around from last night's panel to attend today. Haven't seen the others.

Dr. Pitre
"Bringing opportunities that are exciting and challenging to students."
Philadelphi Public Schools core beliefs:(Her challenge-Is there alignment here at SLA?)
  1. Children come first-All decisions based on what's best for students. Students played a key roll in the planning for this conference.
  2. Parents are our partners-"parent round table"
  3. Victory is in the classroom facilitated by a strong instructional leader-teacher leaders as well. Leaders need a strong vision that they execute with
  4. Leadership and Accountability-Performance targets for each building...Coming to school, core curriculum, standardized tests
  5. It takes the engagement of the entire community-partnership w/Franklin Institute at SLA as an example

In order for these values to be executed, there needs to be a plan. Strategic objectives-Best Practice research-Which schools are working well, what are they doing differently, and how can we replicate it?

Using Data

Differentiated Instruction

How to have rigor in teaching and learning

Alan November here last week. Using one computer in the classroom and make it engaging for students... Hmmm...

SLA-Learn, Create, Lead

Student leaders meeting in the conference room having a meeting on school improvement. She encouraged us to "poke around" and talk with kids. Do you feel you are receiving the exciting, challenging opportunities that you need?-Every kid I talked to Friday would say "YES!"

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