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Looking At Content Through A Different Lens

Last Saturday, I had a chance to participate in "#SATCHAT," a weekly education chat on Twitter that takes place at 7:30 am EST. This week's conversation, titled, "The Missing Voices in EdTech," on diversity in Educational Technology, was moderated by Rafranz Davis, a Math and Technology educator from Texas and author of the book by the same name

During the course of the questions and answers came an exchange regarding a simulation game called "Mission-US- Mission 2: Flight to Freedom." Produced by New York Public Television with support for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, this simulation is intended to give students the experience of being a slave in the 1800's.
When Davis posted the link, I followed to see what she was talking about. At first glance, given who the creators were, and the blessing of the National Endowment for the Humanities, I was confused as to why it would be considered an "atrocity."

Our district has had a str…