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1:1 Learning Reflection

The fog is starting to clear!
This week we continued on the journey of 1:1 learning with the imaging and testing of student laptops, delivery of teacher laptops, developing our "Driver's License" curriculum and training with the teachers involved in our pilot. The fact that this project is really going to happen is starting to hit home!
In the training, we further clarified our timeline, reviewed and edited policies, settled on the "essential questions" of our student training, reviewed Google Apps and Moodle, and clarified our expectations of students and consequences for misuse. A lot to do, in 2 days!
During an exercise in which I had the teachers explore some of the presentations from this year's Building Learning Communities Conference, science teacher Nicole Nuckley had this question:
How do we balance the time it takes kids to learn the basic information about a subject (information already known and established) with the time we want to give them to ade…

Testing out Twitcam

For those of you who follow this blog, you know that I have been using Twitter to share information and learning and develop my Personal Learning Network. Today, I received an e-mail from LiveStream (formerly Mogulus) that they had developed an interface allowing you to send out a link to your stream and interact with viewers via Twitter called Twitcam. You can see a short test I did over lunch. (It was salami!) Might be useful for professional development or a quick conference. I think I'd use the full blown Livestream for workshop streaming or guest speakers.