Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Go Wireless" Initiative Year 2 Update

October 14th, I met with 52 parents and students at Valley View Middle School, where I presented our plan for year 2 of our "Go Wireless" laptop learning pilot. I've written before about our initiative and the ups and downs we have incurred, and as we move in to year two of the pilot we are looking at a "Bring Your Own Laptop" model.

During our question and answer session, one of the parents brought up the important question of equity and whether we were creating a situation of "haves" and "have nots" by allowing students to bring personal devices to school. The district has provided laptop carts in each building for staff to check out to use with their students. In addition, a set of netbook carts has been purchased so that students could check them out overnight using our library catalog system. We've created a Website for staff, students and parents to purchase equipment at a discount, and we are also looking at possible funding sources to create grants for those who may have a financial need to cover all or part of the cost.

After our teacher convention break, students who attended the training will be brining their laptop to assist in their learning. I look forward to learning along with them!