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EdCamp MN Keynote: Randy Fielding "Celebrating Learning Spaces" (Better Late Than Never!)

Randy Fielding, founding partner at Fielding Nair International, who also happens to be my neighbor, gave the Keynote address at EdCampMN in July. Here are my belated notes from his talk....

Fielding/Nair has identified 20 different learning modalities in their work with schools all around the world.  20 Learning Modalities Independent Study-We have good lecture spaces, but we don’t have good spaces for independent work.Peer to Peer TutoringTeam Collaboration1:1 LearningLecture Based LearningProject-Based LearningLearning w/ Mobile TechnologyDistance LearningInternet Based ResearchStudent PresentationsPerformance Based LearningRound-Table DiscussionsInterdisciplinary LearningNaturalist LearningSocial Emotional LearningArt-Based LearningStorytellingDesign Based Learning Team Learning/TeachingPlay Based Learning

After listing and explaining the modalities, Fielding asked the audience to pick our top-5 most important modalities and stand up when one of them was read. For each of the modaliti…