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New Commenting Feature in VoiceThread

Not only is this enhancement good for teachers delivering content, but for students to demonstrate what they know. You can learn more about it on the VoiceThread Blog.

Example of Using Edina Apps to Enhance Student Learning

Last year I collaborated with, Jennifer Buckley, 7th grade Language Arts teacher at South View Middle School, on a project for students that focused on Apathy. In the project, students read several stories that had apathy as a theme, then were asked to look for examples of apathy in the world around them. They created groups, developed solutions to the problems, invited stakeholders to watch them present, then used different Web 2.0 tools to present their solutions in the school theater to an authentic audience.

This year, she started the project by having students gather in groups to brainstorm synonyms, antonyms, and similes for apathy, then use the Advanced search on Flickr to find images that represented their simile with Creative Commons sharing rights and enter all on a Google Form.
Jennifer and I were talking about the project prior to this and she was commenting that she didn't care for the Google Presentation tool for the final projects, because it was limited in what it c…