Thursday, January 22, 2009

Creating Modern Math/Science Knowledge: Panel

During the discussion, the following comments were made:

  • Big Picture Schools and SLA are examples of schools using Project Based Learning and Inquiry effectively.
  • Foundation and Support are the key
  • Right now the battle is between Project Based vs. Standards Based-My comment: Shouldn't projects be based on the standards?
  • Stager: "NCLB was created by man, it can be undone by man!"
  • Participant: "NCLB is not a bad thing, the execution is bad." "Most who bash it haven't read it" "9% of child's time from 0-18 is spent in a classroom"
  • Charischak: "NCTM doesn't have computers at their conference anymore."
  • David Thornburg mentioned this software developed by NASA for math.
  • Thornburg: "I did read all of NCLB and found some good chuckles." ,"Within a year, more than half of AP test takers must be above average", Unfunded mandates: Technology, "What got funded was the cheap stuff: Measure, measure, measure." "Tools of assessment are driving what gets taught."
  • Last piece of positive advice: As kids/teachers got tired and needed a "mental health break" -"Gopher Cam" kids set up a camera to watch a gopher, "Before I looked at it as a hole, now I want to go see what's there..." Kids develop the confidence, curiosity and skill set to find out.

More notes on the whole day can be found on this Google Doc created by Dan Sutherland, director of S.T.E.M. curriculum for Sparta Township Public Schools in Sparta, NJ, a new member of my PLN!

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