Sunday, January 25, 2009

EduCon 2.1: Impromptu Session with Students at SLA

Notes on my impromptu talk with Matt Kay and some of the students at SLA

Matt Kay -2 plans for everything you do! For when the technology doesn't work. Likes still having books, and students writing on paper.
If I'm competing for attention, LIDS DOWN!!
Zach the student-On paper, just do it. On computer, distraction of Word stuff.
Kay-Half of freshman year spent learning that Chat is a distraction...It's a battle. D's and F's take care of it for most people.
Advisory helps with learning how to schedule time.
Students asked for "Simple Finder" to be on from Monday-Friday and back on over the weekends!
Student-at home sometimes I can't work if the Internet is on!!

Kay-The Promethean boards have the temptation of sucking you in to a teacher

PowerPoint is NOT integrating technology!! (See here!)

Participant: A presentation style with 20 slides each on a 20 second timer.

NO bullets. Changes kids from Screen readers to storytellers..

We all shared what we learned this weekend...Connections, collaboration, talking about how we learn best, how other schools are working on these problems, etc...
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