Sunday, January 25, 2009

Educon 2.1: Last Session-David Warlick

For my last session at Educon, I attended David Warlick's session on Forging Links between Casual Information Practices and Formal Learning Procedures.
The nature of information is what's changing. Children in our classrooms are coming from an information experience different from what we had.
Next we went to this site for a hands on learning experience.
How do we tap in to the energy students have outside school, in our classrooms?
The 3 Principles of Learning in the middle of the diagram come from Linda Darling-Hammond.
Logical connections can be made between the students outside-the-classroom information experience, and the principles of learning.
We then looked at examples of how students experience fits each of the areas, outside the classroom based on our rolls.

Students today are...
Carrying the communication with them
Multiple Perspectives/sources-? Or are they having a transparent conversation?
Multi-tasking at the same time.(Medina's "Brain Rules" would argue with multi-tasking)
Constant flow of information from a variety of sources.

When students are engaged and invested they will search for the source wherever they might find it!
(There is a backchannel of collective knowledge happening with people who aren't in the room)
The question was asked by a principal.

If a question asked can be answered using Google, is it a question worth asking?

Now backchannel has been moved here...At what point does a backchannel devalue quiet listening? Is a backchannel just passing notes?

Lehmann-It gets back to teaching and learning, Matt Kay-"Take a momment and marinate!" "Close your lids!" Sometimes we need a little Zen in our lives!

Maybe if there is an official backchannel, that can be used occasionally, then it's ok. Possibly using "Cover it Live", it's archived and allows for that outlet.

Values Safely Made Mistakes...

Personal Experience-Avatars, Identities in Web 2.0 tools

Warlick-What would be an Inside the Classroom assignment look like....I think that SLA teachers have been modeling this all weekend!

Zach Chase used the "High Grade Complement" to model effective constructive criticism.

We learn what we teach! Students need to do this as well!

Warlick talked about a teacher who gives students the "Final Exam" starting the first week of school and periodically thereafter.

And then the weight of the weekend set in..... Tough being the last session!

The model he's developed tied to the Project Based Learning site, give a good backbone for designing effective lessons for today's students.

All the handouts are at David

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