Monday, December 8, 2008

TIES 2008: TICL presentation

Teachers who spent the last year learning about Tech Integration through TIES shared some of the methods of integration that they worked with the last year. Teachers in Bloomington, Northfield, Hinkley and St. Michael collaborated on this project.

-Garageband, Audacity, mixcraft
-a way to record
-place to host (TIES Urban Planet has this capability), our phone to create (Can’t re-edit and add sound tracks)

Access to new technology-Student Engagement!
New way to present
Authentic audience, willowweb are examples of sites that have good ideas.

  • Making connections
  • Collaboration
  • Sharing
  • Used Google Docs to share and collaborate with a classroom in Alaska.
  • They also used Google Documents to collaborate on their presentation.


They recommended and for wikis.

JING Project

Jing allows you to capture images, record video, and share. I have used that on this wiki here.

VoicethreadThey showed examples of student comments on Voicethread based on one image, country of origin project where kids completed a collage project and students commented on the top 6 examples, and an example in math where students take turns showing how to solve an equation and a professional development voicethread regarding teaching online.

Several staff in Edina have used for different projects. Here's my first as an example

This collaborative project focused primarily on how they would take what they learned back to their classrooms. I wonder if a project between districts exploring a similar initiative would prove to be valuable?

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