Monday, December 8, 2014

TIES 14 Notes: George Couros on Digital Citizenship and Digital Leadership

George Couros, shared his thoughts on Digital Citizenship, and the importance of including Digital Leadership as part of the conversation.

Right now, there is too much focus on what NOT to do!
Look at opportunities! Every kid is going to be Googled! 16 year old kids are making $150,000/year making MindCraft videos!
"Transformational leaders don't start by denying the world around them. Instead, they describe a futher they'd like to create instead!"
-Seth Godin 
Communication is key! 

How can you make sure that on graduation day, every student is "Well Googled" by his or her full name?

He gave examples of a 14 year old in Australia who received job offers because of the video he made. And other students whose lives were ruined by their actions being posted online.

And this one where a guy tweets about his flag football team needing players, and Kevin Durrant shows up.

Too much of what we've been showing kids is about the creepy things that happen when you post online. Couros has a problem w/ videos where anyone over 20 is a pervert! Everything you do online is public!

We can no longer simply say "Don't talk to strangers," when many of our decisions are based on those same people. He gave the example of school Websites, where that is the last place kids go when they're not on school. We need to say instead, here is how to tell who is who online.

Digital portfolios can allow you to put everything you do can be in one spot. Create something that doesn't get thrown out at the end of the year, but it allows you to get into a school or get a job!

People are mashing up and creating amazing things. Is this because of us or inspite of us? 

In Norway, a class is having students write a book. They have come back years later and still support the book!

Creation leads to the digital footprint.
Positive, negative, or neutral

How many of our students have an page with all of their work online?
"No kid is dating my kid until I Google them!"

George's rule: "Anything you can say to a student at school, you can say online."
The Hiring Process 
"We don't interview a teacher until we Google them!"

We need to teach students how to be savvy. 
We also need to build REAL relationships with our students, whether face to face or virtually! 

Emotional Meeting of Two Girls Who are Both Missing an Arm from ourprecioussavior.

We need to help our students dealing with bullies and what happens when they go viral, such as Alex from Target.

Because of this, we need Digital Leadership! By helping our students, we can do things like this!
When kids do it for the teacher, it's ok. When they create for the world is awesome!

One school had students take selfies with the teacher and then share the impact the teacher has had on them.
Couros finished with the Coke Security Camera Ad.

It's a powerful message that we need to share with kids about being a better person!

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