Saturday, May 11, 2013

Minnesota Google Summit: Google Drive Add-Ons to Bring Home to Mom!

Eric Simmons, Technology Director in New Ulm, Minnesota shared some suggested applications to add on to Google Drive

When you are in Google Drive, you can select, Add more Apps now when creating a document in Drive to enhance your experience. The great thing is, that once you create something with the new application, it saves to your Drive account for easy access and sharing.

The first he shared, was Pixlr Editor, a great online photo editing tool.

Concept Board is an app that is a Web based White Board that can be shared like a Google Doc. It's easy to share and allow easy annotation. Great for large group collaboration right from the student's seat! I see some great benefits, but might also allow for mischief with anonymous posts.

Floor Planner has some nice design capabilities and is free if you do 1 project per month.

WeVideo is a great tool for collaborative video editing. Simmons demonstrated how you can record on the fly or upload video for easy editing. In 3 minutes he had created a video and shared it back into his Google Drive account. 
The nice thing about video in Drive, is that students can go to the File menu and publish to the Web right from Drive. Great for students under 13 who do not have access to YouTube accounts.

PowToon Edu is a Web based tool for creating multimedia content. There are some issues with accessing within drive, but it seemed to work well by cancelling and going right to the site. It's a great tool for adding information in creative ways.

LucidChart is a graphic organizer tool that allows for concept mapping and mind mapping right inside apps. I know of at least one teacher in Edina who loves it and uses it with his students! Here is one that Simmons quickly generated and shared out to the folks at the conference. It includes a MIND MAP feature that keeps all content organized by color when you add that to your map. Great for keeping organizational structure! You can also drag in iPad and iPhone icons to create "how to" documents.

Video is a great way for kids to add notes to a video and have it saved in Google Drive. Here are some notes from Ramsey Mussallam's TED talk. 

Voice Comments from is actually a Chrome App, that once installed allows you to open a Google Doc with Voice Comments to allow you to annotate with voice right on a doc. This would be nice for teachers who want to give formative feedback to students.

There are many more examples on the Website, including info on how to manage apps within Drive.

We've included many of these suggestions for Chrome Apps on our eLearning2 student site, but this session has some great ideas on more to share! 

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