Monday, December 10, 2012

TIES 2012: Kathryn Smith: Innovative Spaces Support 21st Century Learning

Kathryn Smith, former Bemidji State professor, presented on Innovative Spaces Support 21st Century Learning.
Her presentation slides can be found here.

Today, learning can happen anywhere, anytime, and on any device. 
She started by using PollEverywhere to ask about the status of mobile technologies and school learning environments.

She thinks that the TPACK model is a good one to use when implementing professional development around 21st Century learning. We are using this model in our BYOD professional development.

Smith notes that the National Educational Technology Plan, is a great road map for change. Research has shown that the appropriate use of technology and the appropriate design of learning spaces is having a significant positive impact on learning.

The learning spaces today are not that far removed from 19th Century classrooms. She showed this video from the University of Michigan on research on design of learning environment.

Here are more videos from SteelCase, that show new learning space design.

In the video, you see "node chairs," similar to traditional chairs, but mobile, and flexible. Here are some examples of the spaces they designed.
Her presentation has additional links to Steelcase and some of the designs they came up with for learning.

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