Tuesday, December 13, 2011

TIES 11: Jennifer Magiera Defining the Digital Classroom

Chicago teacher, Jennifer Magiera wrote a grant for 1:1 iPads in her 4th and 5th grade classroom said that rather than Automating, you have to demolish what you've been doing in the classroom and start over.
One transformative lesson far outweighs

She focussed this talk on Differentiation and Assessment
Who has to do state tests?
District wide
Common Core State Standards
Bubble tests are now on the iPad
Slate routines-RTI with time stamped images of student work
Fluency Snapshots-She uses audio and picture along with Dibles with more evidence. Students can also do self checks.
Google Tools for Formative and Summative Assessment!
  • Her Website has much of her work. (It includes a "Mood Checkin" so she knows whether their ready to learn!
  • She has her form set to automatically color code on assessments students complete w/ Google Forms.
How do we have accountability for the kids. She has been able to get the kids to connect with each other to be successful.
  • Connecting is a way to differentiate! She uses Skype in the Classroom to do this.She does a "Mystery Skype" with other classrooms to ask "20 questions" about their city for Social Studies.
  • Meta-Math Meetings- Friday sessions where they talk with others about why they got certain questions wrong for students in another class.
  • KidBlog at the end of science experiments. Asking big questions.
  • Edmodo- The kids like that it looks like Facebook, and she likes it because she can personalize instruction for the students. She told the story of a student who wouldn't talk, who was brilliant in Math. In Edmodo, within 12 minutes, he had 60 comments that were meaty, and now he has the confidence to participate in face-to-face sessions.
  • Flipped classroom, videos based on how they did on the exit ticket. She thinks it's like being a "cloned teacher!" 
  • Project Based Learning with Augmented Reality- Johnny Kissco, Chemical and physical weathering of playground equipment. QR codes during
  • Paperport Notes-PDF Annotation
  • Differentiated response options
  • Audio, video, Kinnesthetic, Poplet, screencasting w/ Screenchomp and Showme, ExplainEverything
For Special Education, she has 12 students w/ IEP's in her classroom. She screencasts the assessments and that allows her to individualize.

She is now using only free apps.
She has them on her "Teach Like it's 2999" blog.

If you have money to burn, eSpark Leanring can assess students to find out the apps they need.

 How are YOU going to redefine learning for your students?

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