Friday, June 11, 2010

9th Grade Service Learning Projects

1) Why do you care about this issue?
2) What is the root cause/underlying problem?
3) Research your issue. Find 2 good articles to inform you on this topic. Write a 1 page description of how the information from these articles impact how you would interact with this issue. Use specific quotes, statistics from the articles and other pertinent pieces of information.
4) What are some resources/organization that can help you interact with this issue and/or accomplish your goal? Make sure you include contact information such as Names, addresses, phone numbers, web address.
5) What are potential projects you could do to affect and/or impact this issue (2-3 ideas)
a. Name of project idea
b. Basic outline/timeline of proposal (paragraph)
c. Impact? How will your actions impact the people/ community surrounding the issue?
Students independently made contact with the organizations, journaled about their experiences and interviewed experts on their issue. Some created movies, some blogs, Web sites, and some did a combination of both. Below are a few that were created for public consumption.

I think this project is a great example of authentic student learning and how technology can be used to expand that learning to a broader audience. It's a great example of what is working in public education!

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