Wednesday, April 21, 2010

TubeChop: Clip YouTube Videos for Your Classroom

How many of you have found a Youtube video you wanted to use with your students, but only wanted the 30 seconds somewhere in the middle to drive home your point?
Here is video of Chris Lehmann, principal at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, presenting at the TEDxNYED conference on March 6, 2010.
I used a Web 2.0 tool called "TubeChop" to slice off the first minute of the video. (It's such a good talk, I'd recommend it for the content! As a matter of fact, a great PD activity would be to watch one of these great talks a day!)

TubeChop allows you to enter the URL of the video, and then simply slide the bars to select the beginning and end of the video and click Chop! You then have the option of selecting the URL of the clip or the embed code as I did here. Unfortunately, Zamzar did not recognize the URL for download purposes.

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