Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Iowa 1:1 Institute Keynote: Angela Maiers Fluency 3.0

Angela Maiers offered a look at how the Web is changing through her Keynote presentation. She gave a great look at how we've progressed from Web 1.0 Read-Only, to Web 2.0 Read-Write, and now to Web 3.0 Read-Write-Organize!

She started showing Gary Hayes Social Media Count.

How many live there?

Today, it's Not about being on the Web, it's about being OF the Web!

That isn't the Web we were introduced to 15 years ago!

Web 2.0 is transformative technologies supporting human needs. Sharing and connecting. It changes us. However there is so much information out there, it's overwhelming and is causing challenges with keeping up!
By the people, because of the people it needs to change again.
There is evidence of Web 3.0, but it's not here yet. We need to organize and structure the information a little bit better.It seeks to structure information in general and the information that is personally important to them.

The new Web search of the future isn't a time sucking endeavor it currently can be.
The attributes of Web 3.0 will be based on technologies that make people more human, not just linked, but structured. We need patterns, structures and tools to make sense of disconnected ideas and content.
Tagging and bookmarking allows for crowd sourcing the intelligence. Tags are a survival tool for the Web. It takes responsibility for people to do write reviews.
She then looked at her networks and how she is able to pull information with things like Twine, Klout, Twitter.
Twitter is not even close to normal about how we have communicated in the past. Unfortunately, people who shut the shade and don't use it, miss the opportunities to learn, network and connect.
Lists are a huge way of organizing meta-data. It also requires people to get to the point by limiting to 140 characters. A site like Listorious allows you to find the best people on Twitter.

The survival strategies:
Uncovering the hidden curriculum. Learning doesn't stop on page 51.
Here are the key components of Fluency 2.0
Filter-You cannot do this without other people (Clay Shirky-"Not an information overload problem, a filter problem.")
Learn-Must listen well and learn from others. If you act like you know everything, you're kicked out of the club!
Unlearn-Learning is the willingness to unlearn! Toffler-Learn, Relearn, Unlearn. Requires self-awareness. The moment you think you know, you stop asking ? and listening
Engage-Not an option! You can't be a good writer if you're not a good reader and listener! In order to engage, you have to be engaging, honest, trustworthy and generous! Sharing is key!
Network-Communities have been the survival tool for humankind for millennia. She showed TweetReach to see how a single tweet is shared.
Trust-When we shut the world out, we take the very survival mechanisms they need to survive and thrive away from them. We need to allow kids to practice how to contribute and what to contribute. Understanding how to find trust, where it comes from. It is earned with every move they make! The Web is calculating your trustworthiness!

She finished by quoting Seth Godin's new book, Linchpin.
Telling kids: "The world needs your contribution!"

Here are the slides for her presentation:

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