Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SchoolTube: A Great Alternative!

Recently, I set up an account for our district on SchoolTube, a video sharing site that provides a safe moderated environment for viewing and hosting video.
All I needed was some content to test it with....
That came yesterday, when 8th grade science teacher Beth VonEschen asked about filming a demonstration lab so that her students could view it on a day when she was going to be out of the building for professional development.
Using just our Flip camera and Windows movie maker, I filmed Beth after school, then added some titles to create the movie below.

It took us about a 1/2 hour to set up and shoot, then another 1/2 hour to edit. Not only can she use this with the substitute, but since it's on Schooltube, students who miss class can access it at home via a link on Edline. It also allows students who were in class, the opportunity to view it again, in case they missed something the first time.
After creating the video, I uploaded it to Schooltube. They have a 100 mb limit per file uploaded and also include a "Desktop Uploader" so you can quickly add video.
For those looking for a safe alternative to Youtube, who were frustrated by Teachertube's unreliability and lack of robustness, Schooltube may be your answer!
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