Wednesday, October 8, 2008

One to One Learning Leadership Institute: Session 1

October 8 and 9 I attended a 1-to-1 Learning Leadership Institute at Oak Land Junior High in Stillwater.
Oakland has had a one to one initiative for the last 5 years.
(Twitter blocked on the filter, but Facebook not!)
There were folks attending from Warroad (Looking at 6th-8th Grade), Harrisburg, South Dakota (Building a new high school designed with one to one in mind-this year all staff have laptops), Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau, Wisconsin (Building a new middle school, and looking at best options), and Jim Hawthorne and I from Edina ("Go Wireless" CoP) .

21st Century Learning and Learning Tools
Paul Musegades from Apple started things off discussing five challenges:Global Competition, Global Interdependence, Workplace Innovation, Ubiquitous Information and Student Experience.
He noted that skilled worker growth in Japan is 25 million, whereas in China, it's 300 million! We are both competing with them and are interdependent with them!
Ubiquitous information-"Google" is a verb. It's now just a part of our life, and our students have grown up with it.
Einstein-" Never memorize what you can look up in books"

As we look at education in the 21st century, we need to take these things into account. What majors will todays middle and high school students be taking?
How different are today's classrooms from how they were 40 years ago?
Digital content is growing exponentially-There are 6 billion plus photos on Facebook!
The demand for skills have changed.
Critical thinking, information technology, health and wellness, collaboration innovation and personal financial responsibility are quickly becoming the most important skills in the workforce.
He then showed the 21st Century Skills Framework, which we used as the basis for the 21st Century Literacy course in Edina.
Our learning environment must be innovative, where we create, distribute, access and collaborate with information.
Musegades demonstrated how iTunes U now gives schools the ability to organize lectures for access via podcasts, and video lectures.
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