Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Educational Vodcasting

Today I watched a Webinar from ISTE on Vodcasting in Education.
In it, two teachers from Colorado shared how they transformed their AP Chemistry class, by transforming all their lectures into Vodcasts, and use classtime for homework and hands on activities where the students can get expert help.

This year, they moved to a mastery program, where students are self paced, and they have seen tremendous success. Students enjoy the ability to go at their own pace, and
Students are owning their learning, and they've seen all students pass assessments with 85% mastery!
There have been some management issues, but overall, they've had great success.
In the future, they hope to beam video to cell phones via Bluetooth, post to blogs, and embed in Moodle or Blackboard.
To create their Vodcasts, they use the following:
  • Software
  • Snapkast-Converts to PPT and allows upload of audio, and then converts to mp4.
  • Camtasia- To capture video and animation and add voiceovers
  • Snapzpro
  • Promethean
  • Jing
  • Windows Media Encoder
  • Podcast Producer (On 10.5 Macs-Needs a server)-Stanford uses this
  • Microphones
  • Tablet
  • Propagation Method-itunes, Burn DVD, Flash Drives

Their site is :http://educationalvodcasting.com

They contended that the time it took students to listen to the lecture at home was comperable to time completing homework, and that for them, the lectures were shorter, as they did not have to answer questions while recording.

I expected this session to be more nuts and bolts about vodcasting, but came away with an interesting idea delivery of intstruction!

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