Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Personal Learning Networks:Do You Diigo?!

On Saturday at the Scratch workshop I attended at TIES, I convinced Troy Cherry, the presenter, to give Twitter a try.
This morning, he created an account and started following me. Later he "tweeted", "I'm a huge fan of I may become a bigger fan of Diigo."

Having no clue what Diigo was, I went to check it out. Here is what I found:

It's like on Steroids! As we look at teaching kids about research and reading online, here is a tool that can pull it together, with the added bonus of collaboration with others researching the same thing!

Here's the thing...
If I hadn't talked to Troy about Twitter, I may have found Diigo somewhere else, but perhaps not. Sometimes Twitter is a time sucking machine sorting through people sharing information about their golf game and other matters. But quite often, a nugget like Diigo comes along that makes it worth following people. It's my own Personal Learning Network that allows me to learn from experts around the globe and share ideas.
I love the 21st century, and I love my Personal Learning Network!
I encourage you to give it at try!
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