Monday, August 6, 2018

My Notes on Personalized Learning Summit Keynote: Ravi Hutheesing

Ravi Hutheesing, who bills himself as a cultural catalyst and keynote speaker was the keynote at the 2018 Personalized Learning Summit. 
Shared the story of his Uber driver, an immigrant from Laos. Cultural competency is one of the most important skills today. He learned more in the 40 minute Uber ride about world history than in any classroom. 

Education is no longer about providing knowledge, it's about inspiring students to absorb the lessons of the world!

He shared stories of working in Iraq with people who had just escaped ISIS, and a trip to Lebanon, where he visited a city that was in a dangerous area, but then he received texts from his hometown of Charlotesville during the racial protests last year.

Core Beliefs:

  • He believes world peace is possible...How: Make it profitable!
  • Cultual Competency is the MOST important skill for the future
  • Education is the means of solving all the world's problems
Huthseeing shared that he is a relative of Nehru, Indira Ghandi and that his father was one of the first people from India on Wall Street. He was a musician in high school and college at New York University. He asked his professors if he could pay them to learn from them, but not attend class. It was a pathway to personalized learning. He became the guitarist for Hanson in 1997 and played Madison Square Garden. 

He got to play on SNL, Letterman, and even at the White House. Mostly in 1997! Hanson was his "Havard Business School" of Rock and Roll! It was one of the first Milennial Bands, and he learned a lot about Millennials as well. 
Millennials are the largest population group right now. Friends and Family are the main goals, just as it is with Baby Boomers! 
Yesterday's Likes were T-Shirts, today Instagram and Facebook.
Politics and Policy
Baby Boomers vs. Millennials have differing views on most issues, but the Millennials didn't show up.
Generational Baggage

Could Millennial idealism organically eradicate social injustices?
Issues and Events that have shaped Millennial Values
  • Secular
  • Meaningful
  • Enterpreneurship
  • Relevance
In 2008, he gained his pilot's license. The cockpit was the greatest classroom, as he learned STEM, Decision Making and Data Triangulation. If we taught data triangulation in every subject, there would be no "fake news."

Millennials love music...Number one priority. How can we harness this? Half of pilots play a musical instrument. 

The future requires an entreprenurial mindset The first person to live to 150 has already been born! 

38% of jobs will be automated by 2030, but creative and critical thinking will be highly valued, as will emotional intelligence.

Benefits of a Liberal Arts Education is to lay the foundation which is common to them all. We must teach agility over knowledge. 

Millennial and GenZ are Mobile AND Global

He had an opportunity to become a cultural ambassador, meeting with diplomats in the United States and India. "Do they realize I was the guitarist for Hanson?!"

Are we educating youth to rise above disaffection and radicalism
Career Pathways leading to disaffection of youth
He started YES Academy as a way to bridge cultures through music. It has expanded from Asia to the Middle East. 

Hutheesing notes that music and art are a conduit to peace among people.
Could students bond naturally over art and culture

He has started "Ravi Unites Schools" network of schools to unite students. With privilege comes responsibility and opportunity to use that privililedge to promote social justice.

We need to embrace failure as a catalyst for learning.

Hutheesing closed on how Millennials will disrupt education

Education not an institution, it is a culture of lifelong learning. It requires us to:
  • Nurture Talent
  • Inspire Curiosity
  • Provoke Critical Thinking
We create the future based on how we educate.
Then, he closed with a song...

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