Thursday, March 19, 2015

Digital Learning Day 2015....Just another day of learning in Edina

Last Friday, March 13, was the 2015 Digital Learning Day, an effort to promote innovation and technology integration. With our eLearning2 Digital Age Learning initiative, it felt like just another day of learning! To me, every day is "Digital Learning Day!" I asked staff to Tweet out pictures of their students accessing content, collaborating and creating using both the #DLDay and #eLearning2 hashtags. The result was a great mix of activities from all grade levels, K-12. 

In addition, Jackie Roehl and Rachel Hatten had their Pre-AP English 10 students create a "Twitter Tableaux" around themes in the book, Slaughterhouse Five. Here were their instructions for students:

   Twitter Tableaux

  • A tableau (tableaux is the plural form) is a group of motionless models representing a scene from a story.
  • As a group discuss your chapter to determine the three scenes that illustrate war themes and then create one tableau per scene for a total of three tableaux.
  • Have someone take photos of the tableaux and tweet them with two hashtags #DLDay #s5tab.  With the remaining characters write a theme statement for your tableau. What are you trying to say here about war?
  • You will present your images and explain your motivations to the class.  You have to be back here in 25 minutes to present or you get a 0.
  • Chapter 5 is split pp. 87-113 and pp. 114 to 135
This is what the students came up with!

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