Friday, June 21, 2013

Minnesota 1:1 Summit: Ryan Cox-Rethinking Professional Development

Ryan Cox at the Minnesota 1:1 Summit
Ryan Cox, Director of Instructional Technology for Becker Public Schools, presented on "Rethinking Professional Development." His presentation notes are here.
Cox shared his experience with his district becoming an Apple Distinguished School. 
-Just because we're 1:1 and an Apple Distinguished School doesn't mean that we don't have problems/naysayers!
Ryan shared an iTunes U course How to Lead Innovation: The Three Carriage Train

"Focus and Simplify" is the montra he has followed, focusing on the "middle car" of those who are willing, but need some assistance to move foward.
For him, that was Edmodo, Socrative, Showbe.

They used the Apple Professional Development survey to see where their activities seem to be. For Cox, 90% were still at the substitution level of SAMR.
He ran an Administrative Retreat looking at "starting with why," from Simon Sinek, looking at the vision. Ultimately, they got to the ISTE NETS-S as a framework. They are mapping out by grade-level, to create Digital Age work and learning that ultimately will lead to transformational teaching.

One of the problems with SAMR is that most staff don't understand what true transformation looks like.

What are our largest obstacles?
Time, Distraction, Infrastructure, Resources

He is using for online meetings.
Like WebEx, but free, and 200 people can be on at once!

Becker is using iTunes U for different subject areas as well as Technology. 

Student Technology Advisory Council (STAC) to empower students and allow them to give feedback. They are keeping their devices over the summer and sharing thoughts on different tools.

Develop a Professional Learning Network-
Twitter, Google+, Edmodo 

It's been awhile since I looked at Edmodo. Cox shared some of the communities in Edmodo that may be appealing to educators for anytime, anywhere learning. They are also using Edmodo to share their PLC work. Staff are leaving notes, resources, etc. The groups are open to the members of the group, the principal, and the curriculum staff. 
The key I think for most is to pick ONE thing. 

Cox finished by noting the importance of finding ways for staff to connect in ways that work for them to expand anytime/anywhere professional development. He's finishing just his first year, but is making great strides in his district, and has a plan in place that all of us can benefit from!

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