Monday, January 28, 2013

Missed Educon 2.5? Session Archives Worth Exploring!

This past weekend, 500 educators descended on the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia for Educon 2.5. For those who couldn't make the trip, most sessions were streamed, recorded and available for viewing. I was able to clear my schedule for a few hours both days to interact and learn. There was great conversation happening on Twitter as well.
Here are my notes from those sessions.

21 hours ago
In his session at Educon 2.5, Jon Becker led a crowd sourcing activity to create a High School MOOC. Thomas Friedman discussed MOOC's in his New Your Times Op-Ed today, though Becker thought he didn't really get it.

Jan 26, 2013
This session at Educon 2.5 titled: The Closer Citizen-Linking Close Reading to a Careful Analysis Of Media and Our Lives by Chris Lehman and Kate Roberts from The Teacher's College at Columbia University contains ideas ...

There were some additional sessions that I both wish I could have attended, as well as think might be worthwhile for our staff to take a look at, both for our eLearning 2 initiative, as well as for our secondary study. I have included a link to the session description, and embed of the video recording. Unfortunately, a couple of the sessions did not save, but I think a lot can be gained from those that did!

Developing Our Online Voices: Zach Chase

Standards Based Grading at Science Leadership Academy

Why School?-Will Richardson

Many thanks to the students at SLA for assisting with the recording of these sessions, and with Chris Lehmann, his staff, and the presenters for making this access available for free!

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