Friday, October 12, 2012

MEMO Keynote Laurie Conzemius ISTE Board

Trying the Blogger iPad app for this post. I still think it's clunky, but wanted to give myself the experience.
Here is a synopsis of the luncheon keynote yesterday at MEMO.
For blogging, I still like my laptop.

The MEMO Pre-Conference Luncheon Keynote was from Laurie Conzemius,
She started by talking about NECC 2001, as a new user. (I was there)
She shared her tips for getting to this great PD Opportunity.
I decided

1. Volunteers get a reduced rate.
2. Planning committee members get free access.
3. It's in the summer,so no need for sub
4. Free vendor meals

The biggest reason is Professional Development.

Osseo will be offering ISTE aligned tech integration this January.

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