Friday, January 13, 2012

A Cool Moment in Class!

Today I received this e-mail from Peter Grimm, one of our Project Lead the Way teachers at South View Middle School:
Wanted to share a cool “cloud computing” moment from class.  My students are writing scripts for a video they are shooting in my class.  A young lady was sick today, and she had all of the work saved in her google docs.  Before the cloud, the girls in class would have been sunk, as the sick girl had their rough draft as well.  Anyway,  From home, she and the other girls in her group who were in class did a conference session on google docs, while using their cell phones on speaker phone.  It was kind of cool to watch –  they were very productive, and they didn’t lose a work day.  They had the google doc on 1 computer and their video footage on another, and they were editing and re-writing, and working virtually.  It’s fun when it all works!

It was a great example of:
a) Teacher Reflection
b) Anytime/Anywhere Learning
c) Student Collaboration
d) Bring Your Own Device
e) Sharing

Grimm noted that for their next project, students will be collaborating with students from across from the country via Google Docs and Skype on a design project. 
What a great example of "Redefining Awesome!" It is definitely my #EduWin of the day!
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