Sunday, June 26, 2011

Edubloggercon Session 2: The Flipped Classroom- the Full Picture

Jackie Gerstein suggested this topic because she believes that the teacher is no logger the
"only expert" in the room. She has a great presentation on this here. It's worth the time to view!
She feels that students can find these videos to get the information from experts rather from the teacher, who may or may not be an expert.
Here are some notes from the conversation:

An AP History teacher shared that he assigned lectures on Monday's and had small group discussions in a blended format over the next two days. Teachers without good discussion skills benefit from smaller discussion groups, and as we found in Edina, students can go deeper into topics of interest.
This teacher starts the year lecturing and showing them how to take notes and get information from the lecture.He requires the students to show their notes in order to participate in the small group discussion. This has proved to be a great incentive for most students.

Gerstein and Scott McLeod argued that teachers need to light the fire in students during class time, by engaging them actively. It is hard for that to happen in the traditional classroom setting.

There was some push back in the audience- video is an old model, passive and students are not building their own knowledge. What are you doing with that video to engage and inspire students?
  • Back channeling during the video is one option.
  • Having students produce the videos might be an option, but Gerstein noted that kids sometimes don't get the content as well from other students. Still this might be an assessment strategy.

I asked whether using outside experts or the teacher's own voice providing the lecture. Gerstein believes we need to have the option of having both the teacher's voice and the option of other experts.
McLeod noted that if we are about student learning, then we need to pre-assess, and offer choice!

Gerstein said the key to all of this is to get the information into the hands of students and let them make sense of it!
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