Friday, February 11, 2011

The Choice Is Yours Laptop Program

Families who are members of The Choice Is Yours program in Edina are provided with a laptop computer and Internet access. Mary Manderfeld, Assistant Director of Administrative Services who administers the program notes:
One of the barriers the Choice is Yours (CIY) students and families may face in
Edina Public Schools is access to computers and the Internet. Each year Edina
High School and Middle Schools are increasing their use of technology within the
classroom setting. Many classes are placing their entire syllabus with all
homework assignments online. The academic registration process at Edina High
School is completely online at this point. Families and students need to have
Internet access in order to register in a timely fashion for classes the
following year. By having a computer, families are also able to log in to theirs
student’s academic information to see grades, missing assignments and other
vital academic requirements. Families and students who do not have a computer or
access to the internet at home are placed at an immediate disadvantaged to peers
who have access to this information. Edina Schools is happy to assist our
families by providing computers and internet access to lessen the digital
The computers are paid for out of the Integration funds received
from the State of Minnesota
Sara Swenson, Media Specialist at Edina High School asked a few of the students what impact the program has had on their learning. Here are their responses.

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