Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How Millennial are You?

Students in KC West's Mass Media course at Edina High School took a quiz recently to see "How Millennial" they were. They used the Pew Research Center assessment answering 14 questions on how they access and consume information. KC is teaching this course in a "blended" format, and has great reflections on that aspect on her blog. KC's work on blended learning is a great example of what's working in public education.
After taking the quiz, she had them create a Prezi presentation to share how they consume media. It was interesting to see how they consume their news, music, and entertainment. Some were very "millennial," tweeting, texting, blogging, reading on Kindle's and iPads, while others were not.
Here are a few examples of how the students see themselves:

It was interesting to hear the students present. Some talked about how they read books on their Kindle and iPad, others have been blogging and tweeting for awhile, while others did none of those things.

How millennial am I? Well.....I took the quiz and here's how I scored:

Something about reading an actual newspaper in the last 24 hours and having no piercings or tattoos...

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